Small Business Marketing

One of the biggest challenges any small business faces is the issue of marketing. New businesses need marketing to get new customers and kick off their brand. Marketing requires cashflow to operate. Cashflow requires new customers. The trick is finding the balance between getting enough customers through marketing to survive, but not overspending on marketing that you run out of money. 

Taking the first steps

Bespoke Tech has guided many starting businesses through getting their first clients sustainably from digital marketing. We work closely with our clients to understand budgets and make the most of them in the first stage to provide those much needed initial clients to kick off an inbound revenue stream. Depending on industry we will select the right marketing channels to target and monitor the advertising closely to stretch every dollar as far as possible. 

In the first instance we will use very fast acting tactics that are an almost direct exchange of cash for customers. Once the transition out of the make or break period begins, we switch to slightly longer term marketing strategies that are still focused heavily on direct response and a pay-per-click model, but with a secondary focus on longer term branding and customers higher up the sales funnel.

Sustainable low budget marketing

Even once a small business is on solid ground and has a constant stream of income, there are still many unforeseen expenses and obstacles in the way that require careful management of cashflow. Small businesses cannot afford to dump thousands of dollars monthly on brand marketing like larger brands can. We consult our clients on their medium and long term marketing goals and design a strategy that will make the most out of their budget and provide meaningful results. 

Talk to us today about your marketing requirements and budget. 

Short term or seasonal marketing

Many businesses have a seasonal product or sometimes find it opportune to target certain offerings on a short term basis. Bespoke Tech has vast experience with using direct response advertising such as Google search Ads and Social media to deliver fast results and get product moving straight away.

Long term marketing

Over a long term we provide advise on more cost effective solutions that may not provide any noticeable increase in business in a short term, but are a valuable investment long term.