Web and Digital Marketing specialists for New Zealand

Providing NZ small and medium businesses with custom, affordable, and fast web services and digital marketing consulting, Bespoke Tech is based on the back of years of web development and marketing experience with SMEs across a whole spectrum of industries. 

Fast Website creation

Whether you need a brand new website, an upgrade of your existing site, we can get it done fast, streamlining the process from consultation to creation. It is not uncommon for a website to be up the next day after a consultation. 

Speed is essence in business, and a website must not be a weak link in creation or updating.

Websites for trades

We’ve worked with many trades businesses in the past, creating websites for both lead generation and drawing in new clients, as well as a brand tool like a digital business card to show off past projects and legitimacy to existing clients and commercial partners.

Generally these will include pages to display their work with beautiful images, about/history pages to provide clients with a backstory of the company and add a personal touch, and most importantly detailed service pages outlining the technical work you do, as well as an enquiry/contact page to let customers reach out to you.

Plumbers and gasfitters

Electrical, Solar, and Security/CCTV

Renovations, Builders

Landscaping, pavers, driveway layers



Painters, Plasterers, Paperhangers

Professional Services websites

From single man owner-operators to larger firms with employees, we’ve provided website solutions for many companies in the professional services sphere, encompassing anyone such as Lawyers, Accountants, Recruiters, etc. 

These websites usually demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the industry, and provide a detailed list of services offered, as well as a page with history or a company profile, a staff page, and again an enquiry form as well as a contact page.

Websites for Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors

Accountants and bookkeepers

Business consultants


Digital Marketing Consultants

Web Development and Digital marketing go hand in hand. It is extremely crucial to have your new, beautiful website be optimised not just for your own enjoyment and pride but for tremendous user experience and digital performance. User experience is what will compel a visitor to spend time, read about your business and explore your services. The smoother your website is to use the higher chance of a potential client finding what they need and converting into a real client. On top of this, a website must look good not only to humans, but also be optimised for search engines and other indexing tools that link your company into the wider internet community.

A website is as much an asset of your business as a building or a vehicle is, and the resources invested into it will reflect how much value and return it drives into your business in the form of brand image or new clients. Digital marketing through various means such as SEO, SEM, Social advertising synergises with your website to boost your business as much as possible to any target audience.

Bespoke Tech works with you to develop a strong digital marketing strategy through all of the channels available and relevant to your business. In addition we have partnerships with specialised digital agencies to provide services beyond the scale we can offer in-house.

Search Engine Marketing (aka Google Ads)

The fastest way to get leads and draw traffic into your website is by renting advertising space from Google to appear at the top of your target search phrases. Optimising these ads is an art in itself, to make sure your costs aren’t skyrocketing in a bidding war with your competitors, and ensuring your ads are relevant and useful to the people seeing them.

Social Media advertising (Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram)

Social media provides a very effective way to target people through brand exposure as well as remarketing that you can’t achieve through Google Ads alone. Facebook ads can let you target by select demographics such as age, gender, location and more. 

Content Marketing

Copywriting is the act of writing specifically for selling your product or service to your customer, or boosting your brand image by providing answers to their questions. Content marketing involves consultation with your business to set up a strategy of publishing regular content on your website drawing in new visitors and establishing yourself as an industry authority. This goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

70,000 searches are carried out on Google every second. To appear on the searches relevant to you has gigantic advantages for your direct business as well as your brand image. Appearing highly on organic searches saves you countless dollars in SEM costs, and provides a constant flow of visitors to your website who are searching for the services and products you offer. 

We can advise on SEO for your existing website, or build it into your new site so you have the best possible start straight away.